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Blog post #1

by Ana Araujo |

It’s environmentally friendly – As a biodegradable material, Cupro is a greener alternative to synthetic fibres. And the fact that it cuts down on waste by using byproducts of renewable resources makes it all the more environmentally friendly.

It’s durable – A suit should last a lifetime, and that includes the lining. While a suit with a silk lining will cost more, you’ll likely need to replace that lining at some point. Take care of your Cupro lined suit and you may not need to replace it at all.

               Wonderful breathability

               Good of the environment – being a biodegradable fabric produced using a renewable resource

               The silky feel, durability and breathability of our cupro lining is part of what makes our suits special.

               Our blazers are full lined and our pants are lined from the waist to the knees, and since this area of the body tends to get hot and sweaty, breathability is all important.